What Are KUTD-able Patterns?

Here at Knit Under the Desk, we have coined the term “Knit Under the Desk-able” to mean a pattern that is able to be knit successfully under a desk.  So what constitutes as a Knit Under the Desk-able pattern that you will find on this blog?

1. The pattern is smallish. No sweater projects here… smaller things that will easily fit in your lap and be able to be concealed easily if needed.

2. The pattern is fairly simple. While fair isle or multi-color and complicated lace or stitch patterns yield beautiful results, the patterns here are designed to be simplistic so that in the event you have to abruptly drop or hide your work (The boss is coming! Quick, hide it!) you won’t be in the middle of an intricate pattern that may be forgotten or lost by the time you’re able to get back to it.

3. The pattern is FREE! While we love supporting designers who sell their patterns (Hey, we sell patterns, too!) the purpose of this site is to give back to the community, and it’s important to us that the patterns are all free and accessible to anyone.

Note: I do not post actual patterns on this site; this blog is simply to suggest free patterns and redirect readers to the original author’s site and pattern so that they can find and download the free pattern themselves. (Besides, I don’t want to break any copyright laws!) Each pattern is copyrighted to the original owner and you must follow their copyright terms before using their patterns.  To read more about “all that legal stuff”, head on over to the bottom of the About Page for more details.

Think you’ve created or you’ve found a pattern out there that is utterly Knit Under the Desk-able? Head on over to the submissions page to find out how you can send it to us and get credit for your find here at KUTD.

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