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Want to submit a Knit Under the Desk-able pattern perfect for those who want to get away with a little knit action while at work or school?  Send an email to the address below with the link to the free pattern. Don’t forget to include your name and a link to your blog or site so that you can be given credit in case the pattern is chosen to be featured here!

Send links to perfect Knit Under the Desk-able patterns to
KnittingUnderTheDesk at GMail dot com

If a pattern you sent to us is selected, you will be notified. Credit will be given in the post to you for the find! For best results, make sure the pattern is smallish and easy to tote (or hide!) under your desk while working. Also be sure it’s not too complicated of a pattern since those who are trying to conceal their knitting in their lap may have to put the project down quickly and abruptly and you don’t want them to get lost in the pattern. Also, most importantly, make sure the pattern is FREE! We love supporting designers who sell their patterns (Because we sell patterns too!), but the purpose of this blog is to give back to the knitting community, so all submissions must be free patterns only. Sites like Lion Brand who require a free account to access their free patterns are okay, too.

Note: We do not post actual patterns on this site; this blog is simply to suggest free patterns and redirect readers to the original author’s site so that they can find and download the free pattern themselves. We don’t want to break any copyright laws, so make sure your submission is simply a link to the author’s website so that we can redirect readers to the original source vs. sending the pattern itself… unless YOU are the author and want it to appear that way.  To read more about “all that legal stuff”, head on over to the bottom of the About Page for more details.

Thank you for your submission!

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