Welcome to the Knitting Under the Desk blog, a blog dedicated to those who sneakily (or maybe not so sneakily) knit under their desks at work or school. Join together and unite!

Never thought about knitting under your desk at work or school before? Perhaps the handpicked (and hopefully user submitted suggestions as the site grows) free patterns that are small enough to be worked under your desk will inspire you to start.

Am I encouraging you to be unproductive at work? Not at all!

Studies show that performing calming, repetitive tasks (such as knitting) during down time, especially in a stressful situation (like work or school) increases your productivity. Having an “escape” or way to recharge will give you something to look forward to, making you a happier employee or student, which in turn means you’ll generally be more productive and cheerful all around.  Knitting helps improve your focus, and better focus means you’ll minimize your distractions and increase concentration in other areas of your life, such as work or school, as well. Who knew knitting could be so good for you? Well, we did… and now you do, too!

Who, What, When, Where, Why, How
The Knitting Under the Desk blog was started in April 2009 after I realized that I may not be alone in my love of (sneakily) knitting away under my desk at work. After coming to this realization, I decided to start up the blog as a hobby to unite other KUTD-ers.  The account for KUTD (UnderTheDesk) on Rav started up the Knitting Under the Desk group, which has surprisingly grown seemingly overnight, bringing more and more under the desk enthusiasts out of the woodwork to share experiences and pattern ideas. Hooray!

All That Legal Stuff
Please note that I am not claiming any rights to any of the pattern suggestions posted here. (Unless they are my own patterns, in which they will be marked as such.) I scour the Internet in search of free patterns that I think fit the bill of being Knit Under the Desk-able. I do not post the patterns themselves here — I simply find patterns suitable and link back to the original author’s blog post or pattern site where readers can find the pattern for themselves. Though these patterns are free, each and every pattern is copyrighted to the pattern’s author, and each pattern’s copyright terms may be different depending on the author’s wishes. In most cases this means that the patterns are free for personal use only and you may not make items from the patterns for commercial use.  Please read the copyright terms carefully when you are redirected to free patterns on the Internet and be sure you agree to comply with the author’s copyright terms before using their patterns. I cannot be held responsible for any damage that may occur, as I am simply redirecting people to the original author’s websites. It is the reader’s responsibility to read and follow any copyright terms that may be present at those sites before downloading and using free patterns.

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