Posted by: kunderthedesk | December 7, 2009

Felted Christmas Stocking Pattern

Photo copyright to Chris de Longpré of Knitting At KNoon Designs

Happy Monday! The small dusting of snow we received here in central Indiana today helped to get me in the mood for Christmas and realize just how close we are! Sometimes I think holidays sneak up on you, just to throw a wrench into your everyday life. Never fear, though, today’s KUTD-able pattern suggestion is the Felted Christmas Stocking pattern by Knitting at KNoon Designs and will make a fantastic gift or decoration for your own home this holiday season.

To create this lovely felted stocking for yourself, you’ll need a worsted weight yarn in something natural that felts nicely, such as wool. The designer used Lamb’s Pride and also recommends Cascade 220 wool. You’ll also need US size 10 needles in either the DPN variety or long enough cable for magic looping. Don’t I say this in almost every post? You’re working in the round on this one, so use whichever is the most comfortable method of doing so for you :) Bring along a tapestry needle for finishing, too. I will make a quick note about gauge; while gauge is probably not terribly important for a project like this that isn’t meant to fit as a clothing item, you may be interested in knowing that the gauge used was 16″ and 20 rows = 4″ in stockinette before felting. This may help you get the right size stocking turnout.

One of the great things about felting is that 1. it helps anchor those woven-in ends neatly and permanently and 2. you don’t really have to worry much about making  little mistakes along the way because felting is very forgiving when it comes to tiny stitch mistakes. If you’re really creative you can embroider the name of the recipient or family member on this one, or add more flair and personalization with images or designs knitted in. Want to do some colorwork? Sure! Rather keep it plain? That works, too.

While this isn’t exactly a sock pattern, it’s close… and trust me, I realize how few sock patterns we’ve had around here lately. Don’t worry, between today and Wednesday’s pattern suggestion, you’ll have Christmas sock knits on the brain :) See you Wednesday!


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