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Jive Turkey Baby Hat Pattern

Photo copyright to Sara of Going Crafty

Happy Almost Thanksgiving, readers!  For those of us in the United States, Thanksgiving is this Thursday. (And if you’re Canadian, use it as an excuse to celebrate with turkey twice since you’ve already had your Thanksgiving!) In celebration, I thought I would share a good Thanksgiving related pattern or two this week. First up is the fabulous Jive Turkey Baby Hat by Sara over on the Going Crafty blog, formerly sewgeeky.  I stumbled upon this by accident (and what a great accident, hey?) when searching Ravelry for something turkey or Thanksviging releated for this week’s postings.  The pattern is so awesome that I was in awe of the fact that Sara was generous enough to provide it for free. Thank you!

The Jive Turkey Baby Hat requires a worsted weight yarn. In previous versions of the hat by the author, Red Heart was used. She has also created this hat with Cascade 220 wool, so go nuts and use whichever worsted weight yarn in brown and white you want! You will need US size 8 DPNs or circulars to work in the round as well as US size 7 DPNs, a crochet hook in size G/6 (or similar), some polyfil stuffing, stitch markers, and tapestry needle for finishing. The pattern requires picking up stitches to add the legs to the body, which is more secure than creating the legs separately and attaching them later, so hopefully this is something you’re comfortable with. If not, I’d imagine creating the legs separately could be an alternative.

I adore this hat. It’s so insanely cute and perfect for new babies this time of year (hint, hint…my nephew!) and fairly easy to create. It would make for some great family photos as well. (Or blackmail photos for when your child grows up and brings their first significant other over.) Nothing seems more iconic at Thanskgiving than the image of a turkey, and the best part is that this turkey works well for even vegetarian Thanksgivings! No real turkeys were harmed in the making of this fantastically cute hat. ;)

Hope to see you back Wednesday for one more quick Thanksgiving pattern suggestion to keep your hands busy during the holiday season of gratefulness and giving. Be sure to give thanks to those who are special in your life this week!


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