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Sea Urchin Beret Pattern


Photo copyright to Topstitchgirl (Karine) of Craftster

Yay for Mondays! No? Well maybe today’s pattern will inspire you and put a smile on your face this lovely fall Monday morning!  Did you remember to push your clocks back 1 hour this weekend? I hope so! I changed all of the clocks in the house, but momentarily had a heart attack on my drive in to work… it felt later because the sun seemed to come up earlier (the whole point of Daylight Savings I guess) and then I glanced at my clock to see what time it was and the clock in my car hadn’t been changed… good thing I wasn’t actually late!

Today’s KUTD-able pattern suggestion is one I’ve been hanging onto since this summer. I thought it was the perfect fall hat — the Sea Urchin Beret by Topstitchgirl of Craftster, where it was posted originally. Topstitchgirl is Karine, and you can find all of her knitty craftings and goings on over on her blog!


Photo copyright to Topstitchgirl (Karine) of Craftster

Isn’t the hat beautiful? It’s named well and I love the slouchy feel of it. To knit up this beauty, you’ll need US size 6 circulars and some wool, such as the author’s suggestion of using O-Wool, an organic merino. You’ll also need 8 stitch markers and a tapestry needle for finishing. NOTE: This beret is knitted with double strands — which means you’ll need two balls/skeins of wool to complete it; the two strands are held together as you knit. ALSO: The hat is knit from the wrong side out.

My favorite part of this beret is the beautiful crown design and shaping. It’s a relaxed look and the elegant urchin-feel of the design really is pretty. It would be a nice fall hat that gives just enough coverage without being too tight to the head, you know what I mean? Sometimes beanie-type toques are too tight or I don’t like the way they smoosh down my hair flat to my head, but the relaxed fit and slouch of the Sea Urchin Beret is much more light and casual. Almost like a part of the outfit instead of just a hat you wear for warmth that you take off once you get inside. If I had this hat, I’d wear it as an accessory!

Hope everyone had a nice weekend and enjoy the one extra hour you gained for knitting! (*wink* thanks, DST!) See you Wednesday :)


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