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Baby Pumpkin Hat Pattern

photo copyright to Lesley Karpiuk

photo copyright to Lesley Karpiuk

Hey readers! Hope you had a fantastic weekend :) You would think it would be easier for me to get on a regular posting time each Monday and Wednesday, but of course our internet was down at work earlier (the horror!) and I was unable to spare a moment until now. The wait is worth it, though!

Today’s KUTD-able pattern suggestion is the very adorable pumpkin hat for your little pumpkin this year; the Pumpkin Hat with Folded Brim by Caroline at Lab Puggle Chi. Isn’t it cute? It’s definitely the perfect little hat this time of year, with cooler weather and the holidays of Halloween and Thanksgiving just around the corner.

photo copyright to Caroline of Lab Puggle Chi

photo copyright to Caroline of Lab Puggle Chi

The Baby Pumpkin Hat pattern calls for washable worsted weight yarn in both orange and green. I used Red Heart acrylic on mine and it turned out well, but you may wish to choose something a bit softer for a baby’s skin. The author used Red Heart Soft in Tangerine and Guacamole, as a reference. You’ll also want to pull out your trusty US size 8 DPNs, or if you prefer, get out your US size 8 circulars and magic loop it instead.

I think what I like most about this project is that it’s perfect for fall babies and also works well as a unisex gift in the event the parents aren’t sure if they’re having a boy or girl. My nephew is due this week, which is the inspiration for posting the pattern as today’s KUTD-able suggestion, because I just finished knitting one for him last week. With the rolled brim it can fit a smaller head, and if you unroll the brim you’ll find a little extra wiggle room as the baby’s head grows. The author was kind enough to include sizing for both a newborn version AND an infant to 4 month version, so you’re all set! (And as you can see, the newborn version fits my miniature schnauzer, Winston, very nicely!)

Thanks for stopping by today and we’ll see you back here Wednesday with another fun fall suggestion!



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