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Wheat Stalkings Pattern

photo copyright to Ali Green

photo copyright to Ali Green

Happy Wednesday, readers!

I thought it was about time we had a sock pattern suggestion around here, and coincidentally I found a really gorgeous anklet pattern that I knew you’d love.  Today’s KUTD-able pattern is the Wheat Stalkings pattern by Ali Green over at the Put a Sock in it blog. Aren’t they lovely? They seem so breezy and cool and beautiful to wear in late summer months, and they’re toe up even!  How awesome is that? I’ve been on the hunt for a nice toe up pattern lately.

Wheat Stalkings will require 240 yards of fingering weight yarn and US size 1.5 needles (with possible US size 2 for casting off; see designers notes). You can DPN these babies or magic loop — whatever you’re comfortable with! I’ve really been enjoying magic loop and it seems that I’ve used magic loop for all of my in-the-round projects recently.  Anyway, don’t forget a tapestry needle and some stitch markers!

photo copyright to Ali Green

photo copyright to Ali Green

A special bonus on the Wheat Stalkings is that not only is every line and the decorative pattern written out for you, but there’s also a small chart in case you work better from charts. I find this to be really convenient. I appreciate when designers offer both formats instead of only including a chart or only include a big jumble of pattern lines for a repetitive and decorative pattern section. Thanks, Ali! Another thing I like about these socks is that they are just the right height for pretty summer wear.  With them being shorter anklet-type socks with a delicate and slightly open pattern design, they will really dress up your feet in cool style.

Enjoy today’s beautiful Wheat Stalkings pattern suggestion and hopefully you’ll have a pretty pair to wear out and about this summer in no time! Have a great weekend :)



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