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Sunglasses Case Pattern

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It’s July, and in this month of summer sun who doesn’t need the perfect case for toting their sunglasses around in?  That’s why today’s knit-under-the-desk-able pattern is this easy-to-knit Free Eyeglasses Case from the Editors of Publications International, Ltd. over on How Stuff

To create your own sunglasses or eyeglasses case, you’ll need heavy worsted weight cotton. To create a denser fabric that will protect your glasses better, you could always hold two strands of regular worsted weight or DK weight cotton together while you knit. You’ll also need US size 8 needles and a tapestry needle for finishing.  Don’t forget a  button to help close it all up at the end!

I like that this case is worked up as one single piece, which makes it a quick and easy knit that’s perfect for a beginner. While it uses the linen stitch, more advanced knitters could try subbing in various stitch patterns or even cables, if you’re so inclined.  I tend to lean towards cables because they make plain projects really stand out (literally!) but you might even consider a simple cable repeat if for no other reason than to provide a little more cushion to your case. The brighter and more colorful your yarn the better, too.  You can truly make this project suit your individual style with the right yarn choice and a cute, decorative button closure.  And while this is an eyeglasses case that can be used for regular glasses or sunglasses, the principle of its creation is the same and the case itself could be used for other small devices you may keep in your purse such as a phone or MP3 player.  With such a small amount of yarn required, you’ll no doubt have enough leftovers to experiment with other case sizes and other uses.  Get creative!

Enjoy those rays of sunshine (safely!) and have fun with today’s pattern suggestion. :)


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