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Harry Potter Bookscarf Pattern

photo copyright to LMiller of Knitting with Laura

photo copyright to LMiller of Knitting with Laura

Good morning, KUTD-ers! It’s Monday and this week the latest Harry Potter movie, Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, is finally being released. With a Wednesday release, I thought it would be perfect to celebrate by sharing Harry Potter related patterns today and Wednesday; just the thing to keep you busy in anticipation. Today’s KUTD-able pattern suggestion is the Harry Potter Bookscarf (bookmark) Pattern by Laura of the Knitting with Laura blog.  It will make for a great companion to any last-minute readers doing a quick refresher before the movie comes out, especially since most of you wouldn’t need a full-sized scarf in July.

This pattern calls for DMC Pearl Cotton, size 5 in the colors garnet and gold, but Laura reminds you that you should feel free to substitute other colors you find more authentic or to change it up for different house colors as desired; this is just the Gryffindor example!  You will also need US size 0 (that’s zero, or 2.00mm) DPNs or Magic Loop setup, and a US size 4 (2.0 mm) steel crochet hook, which is used for the cast on and fringe. Since gauge is not essential here, don’t hesitate to change things up a bit if you want to experiment.

What I like about this project is not only the simplicity, but also how quickly it can be knit up. Not to mention it’s an itty bitty scarf, and miniaturized things are always cute.  Make one for yourself and one for all of your friends who will be going to the movie with you, in their favorite Hogwarts house colors, to keep you busy and help you get through the next few days leading up to the release.  Check back Wednesday for another Harry Potter knit suggestion to help you get through the work day until you can get to theatre (unless, of course, you plan to go to a midnight showing, in which case having something HP to work on under your desk at work the next day will be just the thing after a night of magic.) Enjoy!


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