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Father’s Day Remote Caddy

Photo copyright Lion Brand Yarn

Photo copyright Lion Brand Yarn

Happy Monday, readers! The one saving grace of an icky Monday morning back to work is that I get to post a pattern and update this blog. I enjoy the hunt for something fun to share! Hopefully you remembered that this coming Sunday, June 21 is Father’s Day. In celebration of Father’s Day, this week’s patterns will both be focused on dad. To kick off the week, today’s knit-under-the-desk-able pattern is for the “Wired Dad”: a Remote Caddy by Lion Brand Yarn.

Now I know this picture doesn’t quite do the item justice since it doesn’t picture the caddy in use. What IS a remote caddy and how does this item work, you ask? It’s essentially two pockets (the red and grey striped compartments pictured) connected together (the grey band in between in the picture) so that they can hang over the arm of a chair or couch near the television where dad watches the History Channel or sports. My dad watches a lot of the History Channel and Discovery Channel. This caddy can be hung over the armrest and give dad access to two very handy pockets — one for the remote perhaps? If your dad tends to lose the remote (or can’t be seen without it by his side), this is the perfect gift idea!

The Remote Caddy is a very easy pattern that knits up quickly and calls for 2 skeins of Vanna’s Choice worsted weight acrylic yarn in 2 different colors, if you choose to follow the striped design of the pattern. You could also just pick up a single skein and knit the entire thing in one solid color; preferrably dad’s favorite!  Mom may appreciate it if the caddy matches the furniture or decor in the living room or room where dad is most likely to use his caddy, but the decision is up to you.  You’ll also need US size 9 needles. I’ve personally worked with Vanna’s Choice acrylic before and while in general I’d prefer something more natural, for acrylic yarn Vanna’s Choice knits (and crochets) up well and is easy to work with. If I need an acrylic yarn, it’s usually what I go for, so I know it’ll work well for this project.

Now of course I should mention that this caddy isn’t just great for dad. It would make a great gift for dad this Father’s Day, but just imagine what other things those pockets could hold if used by another member of the family — say, some knitting needles or supplies at your side while you watch the Discovery Channel with dad on Father’s Day?  The ideas and possibilities are nearly endless. Dad will appreciate having something so handy by his side to hold his remote and other stuff while he watches the big game.  He’ll never lose the remote again, thanks to your clever gift!

Be sure to check back Wednesday for yet another great Father’s Day knit idea that conveniently can be knit under your desk at work. Short on time? Wednesday’s pattern will be something even smaller and perfect in the event you’re down to the wire. Happy Father’s Day and see you Wednesday :)


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