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Flourish Bookmark Pattern

Photo copyright to Nina of Ninaclock Designs

Photo copyright to Nina of Ninaclock Designs

I’m running a little late in posting today’s pattern. Sorry about that, I didn’t forget you. Well, actually I did. Oops! I can assure you that it wasn’t intentional, however. This week has been very busy. Yesterday I started my first day of class — I’m taking a Classroom Management course this summer to earn credit towards renewing my Indiana state teaching license. It’s my first class in four years and I’ve had my nose buried in a book (or in a PDF on my netbook) all week, so it’s almost forgiveable that I nearly forgot it was Wednesday.  Almost.

Considering my heavy studying, I was inspired to post a bookworm-ish project today. At first I wanted to find a good book cover or book cozy pattern, but I came up short so I began browsing bookmarks. Bookmarks are excellent small projects! It’s also coincidental because I’ve been wanting to find a bookmark pattern to make for a co-worker of mine who reads a lot. Today seemed like the perfect opportunity to find a good bookmark to share, and so today’s knit-under-the-desk-able pattern is the Flourish Bookmark by Ninaclock Designs. It is a beautiful bookmark design and a great stash buster, too.

The Flourish Bookmark pattern calls for US size 2 needles and a small amount of fingering weight yarn. In the designer’s notes Nina suggests that you use some kind of natural fiber yarn, because steam blocking the bookmark later is essential to helping the piece lay flat and be useable.  She used KnitPicks’ Palette yarn. I will be knitting up one of these for my co-worker in the very near future :) I love that it’s a small project because it makes the beautiful lacy pattern more manageable for working under my desk. Plus I have plenty of leftover amounts of sock yarn lying around that will be more than enough to make multiple bookmarks. This bookmark would make a wonderful, practical gift for yourself or the heavy readers in your life.  Hope you enjoy today’s pattern, and happy knitting (and reading).

Now back to studying…


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