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Baseball Cap Pattern

Photo copyright to and Interweave Knits

Photo copyright to and Interweave Knits

When I was a kid, I spent a fair amount of my summer hanging out at the little league baseball diamond where my younger brother was either playing a game or attending practice. I was there not by choice, but more because I didn’t have a choice (or a car) yet… and while I never turned out to be a baseball fan, I do enjoy the memories I have of running around the baseball diamond with other kids my age, also forced to sit through a younger (or older) sibling’s game and instead pooling our spare change together to see what sugary treats we could buy at the concession stand.  The memories may have been a little sweeter (See what I did there again?) had I known how to knit that long ago. But I digress. It’s time for summer, and today’s knit-under-the-desk-able pattern for a Baseball Cap by Interweave Knits ( works no matter what your sports passion may be. (Or even if you don’t care about sports but just enjoy wearing a baseball cap!) Knit it up in your team colors or just choose favorite colors that match your wardrobe or mood to keep you cool this summer.

What I like about the pattern is that baseball caps are popular headgear in the summer (year round, really) and being able to customize the colors means you can create the perfect baseball cap for you, whether you cheer for a particular team or just want something neutral to tame your hair while you enjoy the weather.  The options are limitless; embroider your name or a picture on the front, leave it blank, crochet up some flowers or affix a pin for a decorative look or anything else you can imagine. You can really make this pattern your own to create a ballcap that suits your personal style and needs.

Note that this is yet again another pattern that requires you to have signed up for a free account with the site ( Knits) in order to access the PDF download for the pattern. But with summery days ahead, you won’t want to miss making a few of these (matching?) for your family or friends. Enjoy!


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