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Spiral Tube Socks

Picture copyright to Patons

Picture copyright to Patons

Happy Monday, dear readers! According to the poll I put up a little over a month ago, socks came out on top as the number one thing people enjoy knitting under their desks at work or school by a pretty huge margin.  I thought I’d pull out a fun tube sock pattern today to share, and even write a little haiku dedicated to the fabulous sock:

cuff, heel, gussets, toe
the comfort of handmade socks
stretchy in the round

Today’s knit-under-the-desk-able pattern is for Spiral Tube Socks by Patons brand yarn. The last sock pattern I posted was for the Men’s Grey Socks by Lion Brand, and like that pattern, you will be required to register for a free Patons account to access today’s free pattern… but it is definitely worth it! Speaking of the Men’s Grey Sock pattern from a few weeks back, I am nearing completion of the pair I started. I put the finishing touches on the first sock and have just started working the heel flap of the second. They will be a Father’s Day pair for my dad, and my husband is also following the same pattern to make a pair for his dad. And though I’ve enjoyed working on the LB pattern, what I really like about the Patons tube sock pattern, in comparison, is the lack of heel.

Don’t get me wrong — there is something incredibly amazing to me about successfully turning a heel and completing a sock; there just aren’t words to describe the awe that is seeing all of the parts of the sock come together down the final stretch. (See what I did there?)  But a tube sock is even easier, and from what I’ve read, turns out to have a better all-around fit without the heel.  I’m not the best at picking up gusset stitches, and what draws me to this tube sock pattern is the fact that I won’t have to. I think you’ll really love Patons Spiral Tube Socks. I’m thinking a pair of hand knitted spiral tube socks is in order for my next project. What about you?


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