Posted by: kunderthedesk | May 27, 2009

KUTD-able Pattern: Cabled Phone Cozy

Picture copyright to Shana of

Picture copyright to Shana of

These days just about everyone has a gadget they tote around. Whether that means a cell phone, iPod (or other MP3 player), digital camera or a combination of the three, you most likely have something that will benefit from today’s Knit-Under-the-Desk-able pattern, the Cabled Phone Cozy pattern by Shana of (You may recognize Shana and the site as being home of the adorable Monster Baby Bootie pattern previously suggested here at KUTD, too. Great patterns!)

This cute little cozy (See, I must have a secret passion about cozies) is, as I mentioned and you can clearly see in the photo, cabled… but the cabling is very simple and straightforward.  It’s small and perfect for working under your desk, and the end result will be something that will safely house just about any little gadget you have lurking in your purse or bag. I like how Shana’s example is a little longer than the phone she made hers for, so the ribbing naturally draws in and almost closes off the cozy neatly at the top.  And if you were so inclined, you could omit the decorative buttons and instead embroider your name or initials or something else cute or fitting to personalize this piece even further for yourself or a gift recipient. Lots of possibilities with this one!

I recently picked up a Sony 8gb MP3/video player, which was inspiration for today’s pattern. I’ve been trying to get a couple of must-finish projects done by their deadlines so that I can spare a moment or two to make one of these for myself to protect the screen of my player and/or phone. I’m also in search of interesting knitting podcasts that I just must give a listen to; so far I’ve listened to an episode of Sticks and String and have found myself grinning and enjoying the soothing voice of David Reidy. One thing I did think as I listened today on the way to work was that it would be nice to find a Calgary based knitting podcaster (or Indiana, since we’ll be moving back there soon) so that when they discuss community events I can actually attend or would know the area. I may have to do some searching. But enough babbling – enjoy today’s pattern! :)


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