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KUTD-able Pattern: Sock Monkey Cup Sleeve

Picture copyright to Alejandra of The Purple Blug

Picture copyright to Alejandra of The Purple Blug

Happy Monday, KUTD-ers! I don’t know about you, but I enjoy Monday and Wednesday mornings because I get to go on the hunt for the perfect pattern to share here with you. It’s gotten to a point where I’ve started mapping out ideas and/or saving them for specific “release” times – such as the two patterns I’m hanging on to until the week of Father’s Day, or a Harry Potter pattern I’m waiting to suggest closer to the date of the latest movie release. A lot of times, the patterns I suggest here are inspired by quick little projects that I myself am working on under my desk at work currently. That is the case with today’s KUTD-able pattern: the very awesome George the Sock Monkey Cup Sleeve by Alejandra over at The Purple Blug

Aren’t sock monkeys (this one especially) adorable? I instantly fell in love with this pattern and have had it queued on Ravelry for awhile. Late last week I was working on a crochet project during my break at work to fill an Etsy order and one of my co-workers was asking if I had made anything sock monkey before. She was talking about some sock monkey toques that she’d seen in a boutique out in Banff a few weeks back and how much she liked them. While I haven’t gotten around to trying my hand at a sock monkey toque (it’s on my list!) I immediately thought of this great little sock monkey cup cozy pattern and decided to cast on so I could present that co-worker with a little gift. Even though it’s not a toque, I’m sure she’ll appreciate this little gem and the gesture… being a sock monkey fan and all ;)

This is Alejandra’s first pattern ever, and it sure is a fantastic one. The pattern is easy to follow, but there are a couple of details I’ll add just to make things more obvious. The author mentions using Red Heart Super Saver yarn for the project, so just in case you don’t know, that means you’ll want to use a worsted weight yarn in your chosen colors. The pattern also calls for US size 4/3.5mm needles, and when you start the pattern, be sure to start with the main body color. (Instead of the trim color; it’s worked bottom up!) That’s all you need to create a cute little reusable George to hug your coffee with, instead of your typical throw-away cardboard sleeves. How’s that for going green?

Have a wonderful Monday, and happy knitting! See you Wednesday :)



  1. I was just looking at my stats and saw it!!! :D Thanks for sharing my pattern!!! And thanks for the details you pointed out… I’ll try to remember to add those to the pattern… I’m so excited!!! I’ll go share this everywhere I can think of!!!

  2. haha this is awesome!

  3. @Alejandra you’re welcome and thank YOU for such a great pattern! I plan to post a pic of the one I made this week :D

    @Chris thanks! Alejandra is a very talented girl :)

  4. Too cute for words! Shared this. :)

  5. Thanks! But special thanks to the designer, Alejandra! :) I appreciate that you shared the site. <3


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