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KUTD-able Pattern: Trekkie Washcloth

Picture copyright to Wilderness Witch Knits

Picture copyright to Wilderness Witch Knits

In honor of the latest Star Trek movie that just released, today’s KUTD-able pattern is one for the Trekkies! This adorable Baby Trekkie Washcloth by Wilderness Witch Knits is advertised as being for baby, but I know more than a few adults who would love a knitted Trekkie dishcloth or washcloth set. The flexibility is as easy as what kind of yarn you use; something super soft and washable for your face or for baby, or a more durable, rugged cotton for a dishcloth in the kitchen. Either way, the Star Trek fans in your life (whether that means you or a loved one) will appreciate this quick and magnificent knit featuring the Federation/Starfleet insignia.

I must admit to you, dear readers, that I am a new Star Trek fan. Long have I been a Star Wars fan, and for years I fought Star Trek off; I could only be loyal to one sci-fi universe, I thought. When Star Trek came up, I scoffed and professed my love for Star Wars and referred to myself as a Star Wars Only Girl. Those days are long gone, though. Hubby and I watched the original series of movies 1-6 (well, we skipped 5 because we didn’t have the movie and everyone said it was horrible) to prepare for the new Star Trek movie. Then we saw the movie Monday night, and I was completely blown away. It was awesome! Now we’ve got the original series season 1 on our CanFlix list and I’m looking forward to watching them. I guess there’s enough love in me to go around, Star Wars.

This would make a great gift – make up a few washcloths and package them with some soap or other Star Trek novelty item you can find out there — I’m sure with a new movie release there’s plenty of that around. Enjoy the pattern and have a wonderful day :)


  1. I’m glad you like it! Thanks. :) I stand firm that Star Wars is indeed better than Star Trek. LOL

  2. Lots of hugs! I was just about to email you to let you know your pattern was featured, but you beat me to it! Thank you for making it so that it can be shared freely with everyone. I’m sure it has been a big hit, especially again recently with the new movie! :)

    Shh, and Star Wars is better! ;) LOL

  3. Love the Trekkie wash cloth. I have modified it a bit. Instead of adding stitches two at a time or decreasing two at a time, I do them one at a time to make the edge of the Trekkie badge smoother. Thank you for sharing this. I have a friend who is a dyed in the wool Star Trek fan and she absolutely loves the wash cloth I made her.

  4. Thanks so much for the modification suggestions, Teri! I appreciate that you shared what you did differently with us and the positive results! :)

    Live long and prosper.


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