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KUTD-able Pattern: Star Stitch Headband

Picture copyright to me, Lesley Karpiuk

Picture copyright to me, Lesley Karpiuk

With warm weather (finally!) sticking around, I thought a nice breezy and functional pattern would be in order for today’s post.  That’s why I chose this fabulous Star Stitch Headband by the lovely Daniella of DaniDo Crafty.  I absolutely adore the DaniDo patterns, and this is no exception. The Star Stitch is gorgeous and really makes this headband shine.

I’ve made two of these great little headbands myself; one for me and one for a friend’s recent birthday. The pattern calls for US size 7 needles and a worsted weight cotton yarn. I’ll be honest, though: at the time I only had some US size 5s kicking around so I used those instead with no ill effects.

On my first headband I followed the pattern exactly in a taupe cotton yarn and loved the results for myself. I wear my headband when I’m out rollerblading! For the second headband, which I made for a friend, I decreased the width by 4 stitches (one star and a purl) to make it a tad bit more narrow. I achieved this by increasing only 4 times in the beginning of the pattern instead of the called for 6 times, making the width 15 stitches before I began the star stitch pattern. It just meant I was reducing the number of stars per row by one. The result was equally beautiful and great, and again I used US size 5s and cotton yarn; this time in a cornflower blue. You may have noticed that it’s the project pictured in the blog’s header image — I took that photo when the headband was a WIP here under my desk at work.  The gorgeous stitch got lots of attention by co-workers, which made me realize I have two co-workers who knit! The headband brought us together ;)

Picture copyright to me, Lesley Karpiuk

Picture copyright to me, Lesley Karpiuk

My favorite thing about this pattern is that the star stitch is so simple and yet so elegant when done. It was easy to memorize and the results looked like it was so much more complicated than it was. If you need a fashionable (yet functional) way to tame your hair this summer, look no further! Enjoy :)

Edited to add: it’s coincidence but awesome that I’m featuring this pattern today, as Daniella of DaniDo Crafty is graduating from University today! Congratulations and best wishes to her!



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