Posted by: kunderthedesk | May 4, 2009

KUTD-able Pattern: Felted Baby Yoda Hat

Picture copyright to Sunshyne of Four Little Sparrows

Picture copyright to Sunshyne of Four Little Sparrows

May the 4th be with you, readers! Today is official Star Wars Day, and to celebrate I’ve got a few great patterns and Star Wars related knits to showcase! First up is our free, KUTD-able choice for today’s feature: the Felted Baby Yoda Hat by Four Little Sparrows. Isn’t this hat fantastic? The felting part you’d of course not be able to accomplish at work (unless you have access to your work’s washing machine or you think you can manage to felt the hat in your work’s dishwasher… depending on your place of business, this may or may not be awkward! lol) but the knitted portion shouldn’t be too difficult to manage under your desk.  The pattern calls for a small amount of feltable green worsted weight wool, US size 11, 16″ circulars and matching DPNs. The author, Sunshyne, mentions that one ball of worsted weight wool will make two hats. It’s just too cute to pass up, and I look forward to my future padawans who will undoubtedly wear one of these.  Super cute your little one will look.

And worth mentioning on this special holiday is another great (not free) Star Wars related pattern that I came across as I searched for a freebie for today’s KUTD feature: the Princess Leia Knitted Wig! Isn’t that a riot? Its awesomeness blows me away. I also love carbonscoring’s Etsy listings for Knitsabers. Hilarious and genius all rolled into one.

If you’re looking for more of a challenge than the patterns typically posted to KUTD, I can’t pass up mentioning the free Fair Isle Star Wars knitting charts by Sarah. If you’re able to handle a little Fair Isle knitting under your desk, more power to you! These are definitely worth a look.

May the worsted be with you today, KUTD-ers! Enjoy the Felted Baby Yoda pattern and have a Star Wars-y day :)


  1. Hi, I am wondering if you still have access to the pattern for the felted Yoda hat? The link no longer works. A good friend from work had her baby this morning…named him Obie. She loves all things Star Wars, so I thought this a fitting gift. So wish I worked somewhere that I could KUTD…grocery store meat dept and yarn just don’t go together. -B


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