Posted by: kunderthedesk | April 29, 2009

KUTD-able Pattern: No Wrong Side Bookmark

Front, picture copyright to Knit with KT

Back, picture copyright to Knit with KT

The sun is finally shining — it’s a bit chilly still, but the sun is out and that’s good enough for me. I decided to steer clear of cold weather items for fear of jinxing myself again, so today’s Knit Under the Desk-able pattern is a knitted bookmark!

A bookmark is a great choice for knitting under your desk as it’s so small and takes such a small amount of not only yarn, but time. It’s such a quick project that I’d even consider doing a fancier stitch and get a bit more complicated since the end result is only a few inches wide by a few inches tall anyway. The particular free pattern I’ve chosen for today is inspired by this thought and is called the No Wrong Side Bookmark by Knit with KT. She does a lot of various bookmark patterns, so don’t be surprised if you see her free patterns

Back, picture copyright by Knit with KT

Back, picture copyright to Knit with KT

suggested here in the future, too. I love the look of this bookmark because both sides are equally beautiful. Plus it’s so functional when you’re finished! The pattern requires size US3 needles and any sport-weight yarn.

Enjoy the pattern and have a great Wednesday :)


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