Posted by: kunderthedesk | April 27, 2009

KUTD-able Pattern: Meringue Zig Zag Scarf

Copyright Crystal Palace Yarns

Copyright Crystal Palace Yarns

Don’t hate me. I realize that once again my post includes a knittable item for cold temperatures, which may seem bizarre for the majority of the world out there who are having nothing but warm weather.  Apparently everywhere else in the world the weather is dumping rainbows, sunshine and flowers from the sky while Calgary receives yet another dumping of snow overnight instead.

Inspired again by our weather (or lack thereof), today’s KUTD-able pattern is the very lovely Meringue Zig Zag Scarf from Crystal Palace Yarns. This one is done entirely in garter stitch which is helpful when you’re trying to keep patterns simple, and the increase/decrease requirements to achieve the zig zag shape are very easy to remember.  So easy to remember, in fact, that you really only have to remember to do the increase/decrease at the beginning and end of the odd rows. The pattern calls for two 50g balls of Crystal Palace’s Meringue yarn, which is a Merino wool blend, and US10.75 (7mm) needles. I love the simplicity that creates the wavy flow of this scarf versus your typical straight garter stitch scarves. 

And while your weather may not be suitable for such a warm knitted object, you could always look at it this way: you can get a HUGE head start on your winter holiday knitting projects ;)


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