Posted by: kunderthedesk | April 20, 2009

Forgot My Knitting :(

I just have to vent somewhere… I forgot to throw a project into my bag this morning as I rushed out the door for work. I feel so nekkid without a project to work on under my desk! I may go crazy. Here’s hoping I don’t lose my mind before the end of the work day.

Just as a quick side note: we are now on Ravelry! The site’s username is UnderTheDesk, and we’ve started a Rav group called Knitting Under the Desk. It’s a great place to connect on Ravelry with readers of the blog as well as anyone else who knits under their desk at work or school. Don’t forget to look us up!  See the Ravelry page for more details and links.

Also, thanks for the votes so far about what your favorite KUTD-able projects are. It looks like socks are one of the most popular choices. The results of the poll will help me to better select free patterns to post here as KUTD project suggestions. :) Haven’t voted yet? You can do so below, in the previous post!

Have a great day :) Speaking of socks, I hope to see you back here soon with a new free project suggestion tomorrow!


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