Posted by: kunderthedesk | April 18, 2009

KUTD-able Pattern: Coffee Cup Dishcloth

Photo property of Knitting Memories. See link.

Photo property of Knitting Memories. See link.

So to kick off the site’s pattern archives I thought I’d start with a small, easy square such as a dishcloth. I love dishcloths that produce an image in the center, because the image seems to magically appear out of nowhere after a series of very simple knit and purl stitches.

Our first pattern is a simple coffee cup dishcloth that comes from Knitting Memories. It’s a simple knit and purl design that when finished, creates a coffee cup on the cloth as a thankful salute to the one drink that keeps me going in the morning at work. It’s best to use a solid color cotton yarn for this project. I’ve done these types of dishcloths before with a variegated yarn and it really took away from the image. Cotton will ensure it is durable and washable and you can use it for years to come.

A little knitting under my desk, a fresh cup of morning brew… ah yes, life is good. Enjoy!


  1. Just knitted the pattern, but line 13 just didn’t seem to make the pattern look like I thought it would. Is it suppose to be K3, P5, K19, P5, K3? the P5 seems not to fit in.
    Could some one please help me.
    Thanks alot.


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